Monday, April 28, 2014

Bonjour tout le monde! 
This week was great! It was pretty eventful so that is always fun. 
On Wednesday, we had a lesson with this old French couple who live WAY up on the top of a mountain and it was way cool. They live in a really nice house and they both speak English so they were talking to me in English a lot which was pretty fun. The husband is actually German and they don’t have any kids- they’re just an old rich couple who live in Tahiti. (I think the wife was born here though). They were really nice and accepted our message and after the lesson they gave us this huge quiche that was SO good with like these little apple tarts because he is a retired famous chef. I hope we can continue teaching them- but they don’t like to fix lessons, just call when it works for them. So we'll see! 
Other than that, we have a lot of potential and so many great amis. I am amazed everyday by the amount of people who are just so ready to accept the gospel. One of our amis- Florence- is one of the miracles we found. We've had only 3 lessons with her and we committed her for baptism at the end of the 2nd lesson. When we came back, she said- "I don’t know if I can be baptized on the 24th, my kids have a big event happening that day." We were like oh, okay! And the 22nd?" She said she was going to pray and make sure that she knew that it was right. She is great. She really is someone who was prepared up until this point. We did find out though that she lives with her boyfriend and they're not married so that will definitely push things back. I’m excited for how things go with her though because I know that she will do great things in the church. 
So on Thursday we got called in to film for the documentary for the arrival of the first missionaries here so that was way fun. We got costumes, our hair and makeup done and then we filmed different scenes of the pioneer sisters when they were here. It was super, super fun!  Soeur Kuhn and I taught little kids English. The next day we filmed on the beach of Arue. It was the big farewell where the Tahitians said goodbye to all of the missionaries. It was fun being a part of something like this for the church because now I'll always have a little souvenir from my mission. Who knows though, maybe I’ll just be in it like 3 seconds but hey! That’s better than nothing :) 
Hair and make up for the documentary filming.
Better than the picture.
Filming the documentary.
I don't have a lot of time so I’ll just include a bunch of pictures. 
Love yall and hope yall are doing well! I got a good stack of letters recently (including one from Ashley with pictures of my nephew cat- Alfie! Hahaha) 
Don’t be afraid to hand out a Book of Mormon this week. You never know who is being prepared. :) 

Captions were not included with the following pictures.
Visitors after the concert.

Anita! She got baptized!
That was a miracle that I heard from Soeur Kavera and Soeur Jarman.
Her dad finally gave the authorization and she was baptized!! So, so, so, so happy for her. 
Soeur Taylor 

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