Friday, October 17, 2014

IA ORA NA frommmmm....


Raiatea is another island in French Polynesia so it was weird to leave Tahiti but I think I’ll be here until I finish my mission in February so that made it even weirder to leave Tahiti and all of the wonderful investigators and members in there. I didn’t think it would be as hard as it was but needless to say there were tears that were shed.

Soooo I wasn’t expecting the transfer to be one week in advance but the Assistants called us this past Thursday night to tell me that I was going to be transferred to Raiatea and that I would be leaving Sunday night. I was like, “what??” So let’s just say that this past week was CRAZY

Not only were we on bikes and EVERYWHERE in the sector, but this past weekend we had to see everybody and I got to say a lot of goodbyes. Saturday, we had 3 faatamaraas. (3 dinner appointments) I felt like I was going to explode. Tahitians love to do big dinners when somebody leaves or for special occasions and they love to see the missionaries eat well so Saturday was a challenging day. My mind is all over the place so I’m not really sure what to write but I promise to send lots of pictures and write better next week :)

My new companion is Soeur Falesii and she's from Samoa! She is super nice and I’m excited to be her companion. Our house is in a neighborhood where there is only members and we have a cute little Mami (elderly woman) that lives with us and sleeps on our porch. Hahaha, that’s not a joke. Last night, in honor of my arrival, we all put our mattress on the porch and slept outside. Ha ha I know that I am going to LOVE it here in Raiatea. 

Last night, when I arrived at the airport, practically the whole ward was there to send off Soeur Van Wagenen who finishes her mission tomorrow and so I met a whole lot of members and they were all super nice and welcoming. 

Sorry this email is so scatterbrained...

Sonia and Emanuel. (cutest Mami ever)


Hinatea! Lover her and so sad I'll miss her baptism in November.

Look at that picture that Margarita made for me! She made it with sand from Polynesia and I was blown away because she did that portrait so well!

Heinono had her baby! His name is Fredo just like her husband.

Olivia and Emiliano. So sad to leave this couple - they're incredible.


Airport pictures.


Downtown Raiatea.

Coconut bread is soooooo good. I'ts sweet bread with real coconut shavings inside.

Love you all! 

Tuahine Taylor 

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