Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bonjour bonjour ma famille, 

This week was definitely an interesting one! Because it’s the holidays, pretty much ALL of our investigators either went on vacation or disappeared so we were left with a pretty much blank week and no lessons! So what did we do? 

Tuesday we set out and did a whole day of contacting! The only parts of our sector that we haven't contacted yet were the parts where there are huge gates in front of the houses (like at Mahina) and so it’s a little more difficult to contact in these parts of our sector. The people are usually French or rich foreigners so they usually don’t believe in God or even come to the gate to tell us that they're not interested so needless to say, we came out with zero potential investigators. 

Wednesday, we didn't want to repeat the results from Tuesday so we decided to be smarter. We took our member listing and went through to see who were active members, who were inactive members, and who were the people that we didn’t know. We went and got help from a couple of members and the whole rest of the week we did our search and found more partial member families and inactive families and it was so great! When we were going around searching for these people, we ended up meeting more potential investigators during the process so that's when I knew that we were doing what God wanted us to do. We still have more names to find, but it was great because at least we did something more effective. 

Our New Years was pretty boring. We went to bed by 10:30 (like normal) and didn’t do anything special. We just had a big dinner with our neighbor, Julia. Soeur Falesii told me that she was awakened at midnight by some fireworks that went off but I was knocked out and didn’t wake up until the next morning. Ha ha, like every night.  I sleep like a rock because I am always so wiped after every day. I think it’s partially the lasting effects from Chikungunya too. Other than that I’m doing well. I just still have pain in my feet and hands which I hope will go away soon.

New Year’s Dinner

Saturday, we both got packages and letters and it was like the most exciting thing ever! We have SOOOOOO much chocolate and junk now. Thank you Cypress Ward and Falesii family! 
I loved the package from the youth from Cypress Ward but I was kind of freaking out with the pictures because everybody looks so old! But thank you, thank you, thank you Cypress Ward for sending the package. It made us super happy. (Emma I got your letter too :)

So much candy!

 So I started my last planner yesterday. I'm kind of freaking out about that- only 6 weeks left! Transfer calls are this week so maybe we'll be affected by it. We're sad about that. Soeur Aniel is finishing next Tuesday and she flies to Tahiti (from Raiatea) on Sunday so that is kind of freaking me out too! My first companion is going home! So crazy. 

All in all, this week was a good one. I learned a lot about the worth of souls. We went out to search for the lost sheep in Christ's flock because we found a few families that haven’t been visited in over 20 or so years and that broke my heart a little bit. With one family we went to go see, there was a HUGE gate in front of their house and we could not see if they were home. So what did we do? Soeur Falesii gave me a boost and I grabbed the top of the gate to see if anyone was home. We ended up dying of laughter because we weren’t too successful but in the end, he came out! It was a partial member family and it was the member that came out to talk to us. We pulled it together right when he opened the gate so that was good and there is a lot of potential with him and his family there so we are happy. 

Hereiti! I don't know if I've ever shared her story. She was the one that asked us if Heavenly Father would change her life. She was fixed to be baptized at the end of this month but now she is most likely moving to Tahiti so she'll have to continue with the missionaries in Tahiti! I didn't realize how tall she was until I saw this picture, ha ha.  

This picture has a story- we got all ready to leave one day and then out of NOWHERE it starts POURING down rain. We were like what the heck? We didn't want to leave and go in the thick rain because then we would be soaked the whole day and that wouldn't be good. So we sat down for a few minutes and I said a prayer. I didn't know that Soeur Falesii was praying at the same time but when I was saying my prayer, little by little I heard the rain diminish until finally, it stopped all together! We smiled, grabbed our helmets, and headed off! It didn't rain hard the rest of the day. God answers prayers. 

The view when we went up this hill to contact

 BIBU! Our DMP's dog that is everywhere! He's hilarious.

Her name is Mahina! Haha she is a cute little girl that lives with some of our eternal investigators. She was sitting on the bench by the road when we came up and stopped for a second because we had to call somebody, so while Soeur Falesii was on the phone, I was teaching Mahina to pray. She was explaining how they went to church and she was embarrassed because she didn't even know how to pray or didn’t know the other kids (she's 5) I have always had a special place in my heart for this little girl so we had a nice chat and I taught her how to pray. She told me that she would pray that night. That was a touching moment for me. 

Thanks for all of y'alls prayers. I love y'all! 

Soeur Taylor 

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