Thursday, February 20, 2014

Howdy Utuafare! 

Life is going really well here in Papara and we have had such a good week! It was rough starting out with Soeur Green going home, but then it really picked up and we definitely saw some miracles this past week! 

First of all- Famille Tauhiro- a family we started teaching in January after our 2nd counselor in the Stake Presidency introduced us to them- is getting baptized on Saturday!!! The first time we met them- we were on splits with the ward. So it was just me and 3 leaders in our ward. Being on a split with members, especially to meet a new family, is hard. To not have your companion with you is weird! The members were so great, but it’s just different. So when we went to go see them, I was really nervous. We had a good lesson about the Restoration and how families can be forever and after that we started with the lessons. This family is just so golden. We taught the dad- Denny, the mom- Titaina, and their oldest- Heirani who is 15. She already asks us so many questions about the mission and was the first out of the 3 to be ready for baptism. 

Famille Tauhiro! It's blurry but oh well.
We started the lessons and everything was going really well. We engaged them for the 15th of March and they were thinking about it and praying about it until they came to our activity at the temple on Friday (like we have done before). They were really touched by the spirit and Elder Taylor (what a coincidence eh?) who is one of the assistants, got to talking with them. He engaged them for the 22nd of February- and they accepted! It was totally confirmed until yesterday when Titaina got her answer. We saw them on Saturday and Sunday and last night she recounted her experience- She said she was eating breakfast and they were watching TV before church. A little section came on about the church and at the end, a huge picture of Christ appeared with the words- "Viens, et suis moi!" (Come and follow me) She was so shocked and knew that that was her answer. 

I have to say- I have never been so happy and full of joy than when she was explaining how she got her answer and to see them so happy about their baptism on Saturday. Missions really are the hardest and BEST experiences ever. I know that families really can be eternal and I CAN'T WAIT to watch this family progress and achieve that. 

Cute little kitten at the Pereitai home.
Our view recently - RAIN.

STACY, always styling.

Beaucoup d'amour, 

Soeur Taylor

PS. RUSSELL M NELSON comes this week! We have a mission conference on Friday. I'M SO EXCITED :)

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