Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bonjour ma famille et mes amis!
First of all- HAPPY FATHERS DAY!
I've got the best dad.
That’s all.
No but really, I just want to say that my dad really is one of my greatest examples in my life. One thing that I've always admired about him is the silent service he offers. He has a hard time saying no when people ask him for help and he always does his best to help everyone he comes in contact with. I don’t know how many mornings when I woke up early for seminary during the winter and I walked out to a car that was already warmed up and ice free. Or when he was there every football game to come and record us performing. Everybody loves my dad. The more I learn on my mission by living on my own, the more I realize the qualities that I’ve acquired from both of my parents. I am definitely a blessed daughter! 
And speaking of the best parents ever, I got my package this week!!! It was so fun to open it up and discover all the treats from America. Unfortunately customs took my B vitamins. The dosage of the vitamins was too big? Something like that. I felt awful when I found out that they took all 4 bottles of my B vitamins but well, what can you do. Now we know. Sorry mom!!! 
Other than that, this week was pretty great. Soeur Terooatea and I have been trying to really practice more faith recently, especially the faith to see miracles. And well, it’s been working! We've really seen the Lord's hand in preparing people to accept his gospel. Last Sunday we tracted in a neighborhood for an hour or so and NOBODY came to the gate to talk to us. We talked with one man but he wasn’t interested in changing, but after we talked with him, there was nobody who would even come and talk with us. Finally, as we were leaving the neighborhood, we got a little lost and we ended up talking with this man who was standing outside his gate. We were still in our car and asked him if he's ever met the missionaries and if he was interested in meeting with us. He was like yeah! This Wednesday? We were like yeah! Okay! Ha ha well it turns out we didn’t see him until yesterday, but it was a miracle to see how he’s been prepared. He told us he's talked with the missionaries before but wasn’t ready to take the lessons. We asked him if he ever heard of the Book of Mormon and he said that he has one! His cousin left it at the house after he went and stayed at a member’s house. When we left him, he went and found the Book of Mormon and started reading. We were happy missionaries.
Every time you have the courage to give a Book of Mormon to someone or talk about the gospel, you never know what will come of it. You never know where your Book of Mormon will end up and how it will end up changing somebody's life. That really strengthened my testimony of that and I know that every time that y'all open your mouth, it’s NEVER for nothing. It’s always for a reason and it always means something to at least one person.
We had a breakthrough with one of our amis, Heinono who has been struggling to find an answer. We've been trying to help her realize that the answer has come in the blessings that she's received and in the good feelings she’s felt. She hasn’t wanted to accept it as an answer and after a really great and spiritual lesson, we committed her to be baptized. She told us no. She told us she didn’t want to be baptized at the end of the month but that she was sure that she would be baptized between the end of the month and when she will give birth (oh yeah she’s pregnant) in September. We were happy with this answer and especially grateful for the progression that she has made.
I’ve really realized that little miracles happen with each one of our amis and in their progression. Every ami is different and every ami has a different story, but they all end up with the same ending.
Isn’t that the greatest!
I hope yall have a great week and have the courage to give a Book of Mormon away or invite a friend to church! Love yall!
Ward activity at the beach. Tahitians are big with dancing.
My friend Terehau.
View from one of our Ami's house.  Not bad, eh?
I love the coconut trees and they are everywhere.
Got to go back to Papara to see Helene's baptism. A huge blessing for me.
Also got to see my favorite little girl, Stacy. She turns 2 next week.
Got to see so many members and converts at the baptism. Oh and did I mention it was also Helene's wedding day.
It was a great day in Papara.
Soeur Taylor

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