Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I hope all y'all are doing well!
First of all, check out this article! It talks about the 170th anniversary that took place here!
So not this past Saturday, but the Saturday before we fasted with our ward council and thanks to this fast this past week, this was a week of MIRACLES.
Aren’t those just the best weeks!
Miracle #1
Her name is Rosemonde.
So the elders called us 2 weeks ago to give us a reference of an ami who went to a Family Home Evening in Papeete with President Sinjoux and who was so, so ready to take the lessons and get baptized. Of course we were like sweet, we'll give her a call!
So we tried to call her but every time we called, she didn’t answer. Then Sunday comes around and we have a new ami in our Sunday school class! We start talking to her and find out that it’s her, Rosemonde, the reference! (ps I don’t know how she found out about church and what time it started and everything, but she came by herself not knowing how it would be- THAT NEVER HAPPENS) We had a lesson with her on Tuesday and I literally almost cried, I was so touched by how ready she is to accept the gospel. Ever since she went to the Family Home Evening and was touched by the spirit, she read the Book of Mormon every day and went to church to find us- the missionaries! She accepted the invitation to be baptized, but she wants to know why it’s the true church. She wants to learn more and confirm all the feelings she’s had up until that point (which is totally normal). She asked us a lot of questions about the Word of Wisdom and so the next lesson we had on Thursday, we talked about it and she committed herself to stop smoking and drinking coffee. She also isn’t married to her boyfriend (who actually is an inactive member) but I know that that marriage will come. Sometimes, I am literally BLOWN AWAY by the faith of our amis.
Miracle #2
Her name is Linda.
She is the niece of a couple that lives in our ward and she has actually already taken the lessons with the missionaries before at Pirae and Matavai and was all ready for baptism but there was a lack of follow-up with the missionaries so she never was baptized. It’s been a little while, so when we talked to her after she came to our Sunday school class, she accepted for us to come and see her! She explained her story and she told us she wants to retake the lessons to remember and bring back everything she learned before. Turns out she remembers a lot, so we of course invited her to be baptized. We gave her the date, June 21st, and at first she hesitated but then she started laughing a little bit because the 22nd is actually her birthday! She already felt a confirmation that it was her baptismal date but we committed her to pray and receive the confirmation from God. She wouldn’t tell us at church yet if it really is the 21st but she is going to tell us tomorrow at our lesson.
Quick side note- Tahitians love to place special events (like baptisms) on already important dates like their birthday, daughter’s birthday or their parents anniversary- it doesn’t matter. So sometimes when we commit them for baptism and we commit them for a date that we prayed and chose by inspiration which turns out to be one of these important dates, they accept. Ha, ha it’s a cool confirmation for us because then we really know that it was inspired.
Miracle #3
Her name is Cyndia.
Cyndia is an old ami that took the lessons before but stopped for a little bit of time. She has a baby who is 9 months old and lives with her boyfriend (who is inactive as well). She goes to church every Sunday and wants to be baptized, but she’s scared. It’s been 8 months since she’s stopped drinking and smoking and is afraid to get baptized and then fall again. It’s actually a very common fear of amis, but I know that right now is the time for her to change and accept the gospel. When we were talking with her, I had a very strong feeling that she’s ready, but she’s just afraid to admit it. We were supposed to meet with her this weekend but she had to cancel and reschedule for this week. I’m excited to see her because I know that she is a huge potential for baptism and the many blessings that follow baptism.
Our ward is doing great and has really been improving with missionary work. It was pretty hard starting off but we're finally seeing little changes happening and that is incredible.
Faaitoito noa teie hepatoma!
(Good luck/stay strong this week!)
Ua here roa vau ia outou! (Love yall!)
All the Sisters in our house.  Love them all!
Our Ward Council. These members are wonderful! 
Our Zone Conference activity.
We played soccer by the beach and ate together.
Our Zone.
Tuahine Taylor

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