Friday, September 26, 2014

Ia Ora Na Tatou!

Wow, it's already been 50 weeks in Tahiti! It's almost my 1 year mark since I've been here in Tahiti. Time is flying!

This past week went by really fast because we had 2 zone conferences and Saturday we had our big activity with the Collective Baptism to top off our month of missionary work in September.

Zone conference picture.

On Friday, we had our Open House at the chapel with 5 different rooms which talked about The Book of Mormon, The Plan of Salvation, Family Food Storage, The Blessings of the Priesthood and then the 72 hour kit. We had different members to teach the different topics and we were really hoping to have a lot of investigators there but in the end, we only had 3 investigators come. At first we were a little disappointed, but actually, we experienced a miracle because one of the investigators that came decided by the end of the open house that he wanted to be baptized! We were surprised but super happy at the same time because he was a former investigator that just recently we re-contacted by one of the members in our ward. So cool huh?

Saturday, we had our Talent Show with the whole stake and the Collective Baptism with 4 baptisms right after. The Talent Show was so incredible because each ward represented a different country. I laughed so hard when they represented America because they pulled out the Hoedown Throw Down which remixed until we finished with a bunch of Hip hop and rap. I was like yeepppp, that's my country! Ha, ha, ha.
Our ward represented Australia and they were so good! We had our investigator, Hinatea, who danced with the group and our little convert Keanu right up front. I was dying because he was sooo cute when he danced! I felt like my mom when I watched the video like 100 times that night because he was just too freaking cute.

Talent Show.

The Baptism of course was incredible because Eric totally surprised us by shaving his beard off! It took me like 5 minutes to realize when we were at the Talent Show but I was so touched because he really is someone that is converted to the gospel. It hasn't even been a month since we've started teaching him but he really changed his life around and I will never forget the impact that his family has had on me. His girls are so cute too. We're the best of friends because we always play their little games before we have our lesson with Eric.

It was so great to finally see the baptism of Mihirangi as well because after the months that I've been here in Mahina, it was so sweet to see her baptized. I was praying that that touched her mom too because she is still a little hesitant to be baptized. I know that one day she'll finally take the plunge but they're moving to France in 3 weeks!

I was also super happy to see my family, the Tauhiros, at the baptism because they're good friends with the family of Mihirangi.

Over all, we had a super great weekend that was very rewarding as a missionary. NOTHING beats the incredible changes that these people make in their lives when they accept the truth. I know that I was meant to meet these two families and I thank God every day that he gave me this blessing to be here as a missionary.

Lydia, our future missionary.

I hope y'all are doing well- Faaitoito noa ia outou no teie hepatoma! (Have a great week!)

Tuahine Taylor.

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