Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ia Ora Na Tatou!

I'm doing well in Mahina! I've been here so long that I'm pretty much a member of the ward. Transfer calls are tonight but since my companion is finishing her mission next week, I will be staying again in Mahina. Yay for my fourth companion in the same area. Ha ha.

This past week was really a week of miracles. It was actually one of the hardest weeks too but I guess that's just how it works, huh?

Remember how Mihirangi was supposed to be baptized this past Saturday but their family was "too busy" for her to get baptized? Well, after lots of prayers and fasting, her Mom changed her mind! We went to go see them and we talked a lot about how if we put the Lord first, everything will fall into place (3 Nephi 13:33). She explained that she wanted to wait until they moved to France and so we bore testimony and respected their choice. THEN, 30 minutes after we left their house, she calls us up and told us actually, Mihirangi was going to be baptized here in Tahiti. YIPEE! She's taken the lessons since May so she really is ready.

Another miracle is with our investigator who just started the lessons this past week, Eric. His wife is a member who just recently returned to church and he was a huge potential member from the beginning. He's been coming to church every Sunday for about a month or so but hasn't been ready to take the lessons until this past week. We had 2 lessons with him this past week and both of them were very powerful and incredible lessons. Yesterday, we had a little activity at the temple where we visited the little Visitors Center we have and then visited the Temple Garden. Eric was joking around with us that he was already a member and we were like yeah, real soon huh? After, he puts up his hands and tells us, "the 20th!" We were like wait, "what?!" He was like "yeah, the 20th!!" We were ESTACTIC! We have a lot more lessons to cover before his baptism this month, but he is committed and ready for this great change.

Ashley (20 yrs) and Fleur (24? yrs) are doing really well too, just super hesitant. Fleur lives with her boyfriend and when we taught the law of Chastity, she told us that after SIX YEARS of being together, they have NEVER talked about marriage! I was like what?! After 6 six years?! Ashley (her brother) was laughing so hard when I asked her that question because they both know that that is just ridiculous. Ha ha. So this past week when we asked her if she had talked to him about marriage, she said that she never found a moment and that she didn't really know how to bring it up. We were laughing when we proposed different ideas of how to give him hints but in reality, we all know that guys aren't super aware of little hints, ha ha, it's just better to bring it up bluntly. The poor girl. We're praying that he finally gets it together and proposes.

Another of our investigators (who is one of my favorites) is MĂ©lanie. I'm not sure if I've already talked about her but she is someone who desperately wants to be baptized but can't because her boyfriend doesn't want to get married. They have 3 kids together and have been together for almost SEVENTEEN years but he's still hesitant to get married #welcometotahiti She leads the hymns every Sunday and is practically a member but she's not because she's not baptized. She has a super strong testimony and we've been really working with her for her marriage and everything and I've got a feeling that it's going to be soon. We've prayed and fasted with her and I think that before the end of this year, it'll happen. Man I can't wait for that day. We've become really close and I know that she deserves it after waiting 3 years now.

Other than that, life is good in the ward. Friday, we have a pancake activity with our ward missionaries because the whole month of September, the stake has a bunch of activities set up for missionary work. We're hoping to motivate our ward missionaries so that this month we can be super effective :)

Ua here roa vau ia outou! (Love yall!)
Family Putoa! This family is INCREDIBLE. In the picture too are 2 investigators that they brought to church and to the temple. They work so much with us and I want to have a family just like theirs one day :)
Eric and Romy! They have 3 super cute girls.
Soeur Lanteires! She's my mom here in Mahina :)
Have a great week,

Tuahine Taylor

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