Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bonjour tout le monde! 
 So this week was CRAZY. 
It started out not the greatest because EVERYBODY cancelled on us and we couldn't find anybody to teach . Over the span of 4 days, we only taught 4 lessons which has NEVER happened on my mission. We were a little frustrated with Mahina soooo we took off to Moorea! 
Haha no, thats a joke- we went to do a split and work with the sisters at Moorea. They're in our zone and that is one super great perk of being an STL. Moorea is the island just above Tahiti so we took the ferry and headed over there to work with 2 companionships of Sisters. I got to work in Haapiti with Soeur Pomeroy ( from the MTC!) and Soeur Afasene ( she's from Samoa). It was super great to work with them and I got to see a little bit of a different experience with working with a branch. It's a lot smaller member wise but their sector is HUGE. We were on bikes and I was dying. Haha I've gotten too chubby in our nice little car in Mahina (and Papara). I always love working in other sectors because it warms my heart to see that missionary work is constantly happening and so many people are accepting to follow Christ. 
We left Thursday morning and came back early Friday morning where we did another split with the Sisters of Tuauru. That was exhausting and I ended up getting really sick so it wasn't a very long split.. 
After our split mania, Saturday and Sunday we fixed 2 baptisms! Remember Hina and Hélaman Teaurai?? Well Hina FINALLY committed to be baptized! We committed her for the 20th of September but she wanted sooner than that- the 6th! I was so, so, so, so, so happy. We contacted the sister of Hélaman too who is living with a non-member and I hope that we will start the lessons soon with them. 
Our other miracle was an old investigator, Moemoea (which means dream in Tahitian) who we recontacted and told us that she had already fixed her baptismal date! The 25th of October. I probably won't be there but we were excited for this little miracle. She is getting married in September and we restarted the lessons yesterday. 
Mihirangi's baptism ( which was supposed to be this coming Saturday) got cancelled because her mom said they're too busy getting ready for their big move to France in December. We were devastated but we hope to refix with her before they move...
We continue to see Ashley and Fleur Kavera and Fleur is really progressing! She got her answer and wants to be baptized but she lives with her boyfriend and they aren't married. #storyofourlives Out of 18 investigators that we teach- 12 live in concubinage and aren't married. Most of these 12 investigators want to be baptized but their boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't want to get married. It's too bad, but we do a lot of praying and fasting so that their hearts can be changed. 

On Saturday we did a "Couples Night" with different talks and then a bunch of activities and it went really, really well. We put a lot of work into this activity and even though not a whole lot of couples showed up, we had a great time. We contacted and recontacted 2 couples so that was really great for us. 
I'm doing really well and I am hoping that this week will be better than the last :) 
My little buddy Teano. He hung out with me on our "Couples Night" activity. He took my camera for a while and took a ton of pictures but everybody's head is cut off in the pictures, ha, ha, ha.

Love y'all!
Soeur Taylor

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