Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ia Ora Na Ma Famille!!

So the transfers have happened and Im staying in Mahina!! I was a little surprised but Im really happy to be staying! Right now, Im going to serve with Soeur Teauroa! She finishes her mission in like 5 weeks so Im excited to learn from her and her expérience right before she finishes! My first companion that I won't be training (or who didnt train me haha) Speaking of my trainer- she finishes tomorrow!!! SO weird!!! Everybody that are the oldies here in the mission are going to start leaving and soon it will be my group the oldies! So weird. 

Soeur Terooatea got transfered to Pirae ( a little bit closer to Papeete) and Soeur Faana is coming back to Matavai! Its right next to our sector so we were all laughing that she's coming back to Mahina. The organization in the mission changed too so now there are less STLs and President put all of the STLs together as companions. So Soeur Teauroa and I will stay STLs and we are the STLs for Mahina and Arue. We will actually be doing splits now that Im excited to work with more sisters! 

Other than that- the work is going well in Mahina! We only have 1 baptism fixed for the end of August but we do have potential among our amis so Im excited for them to continue progressing. 
On Wednesday, we had our activity of going door to door with different auxilliarys and this past week we were with the Relief Society. I was with 2 sisters and we came to this house that we had already tried to contact but there was never anyone there. So we went up, saw the car, and yelled- Ia Ora Na!! A woman came out of the house and we started talking to her. She wasnt really interested but I asked her if she had ever met the missionaries. She said that her brother was about to be a missionary! I was like oh really, what's his name? She said- Nuihau! I was like hey! Nuihau Taurere?? She was like yeah!!! After that- I kind of freaked out a little bit and I was like, hey I know him!!! I taught him!! I was there when he got baptised!!!! 
She wasnt as excited as I was but she accepted a little brochure and with our number and I told her to call us when she had a moment so that she could see why her brother converted and was baptised in the Church of Jesus Christ. 

It was a really cool experience that made me realize how important families are in the eyes of our Heavenly Father. 
Another family that we've been working with is the Teaurai family. The husband is inactive and his wife is not a member. She's taken the lessons for a long time and she's already had her baptism fixer a lot of different times. For some reason or another- she's never followed through. Its a lack of support with her husband in the church and some motivation too. She's been nervous for the changes that will happen after her baptism so thats why she hasnt followed through.
Well anyways, we've never given up on them because they've always shown potential- they just need support. So we've been working with them and they FINALLY came to church this past sunday and Hélaman- the husband talked to bishop and is coming back. They've got two little kids who are adorable! (I know that Ive already sent home pictures of them) 
I hope that they keep progressing because their family really is a special family as well; 

Our Heavenly Father dosent just want us to return to him- he wants us to return to him with our family. Thats why this gospel is centered on the family and that is why everything revolves around it. 
I know that as a missionary, Im preparing myself to be a mother of my future family and a better daughter and sister for my family that I have right now. 
Its pretty cool- I love it. 

I hope y'all are doing well- I think about y'all often and pray for y'all!!

Lots of love, 

Tuahine Taylor 

I dont have any pictures this week but next week I will!

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