Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bonjour Tout le Monde!!! 
So guess what!! Remember when they filmed me and Soeur Carter when we were at Papara? So I still haven't heard any news but they used a tiny clip from what they filmed in a video about the first Sister Missionaries! 
Go to the end - 8:00 and the clip of me and Soeur Carter is like at 8:12! 
Its literally like 1 second but hey! I'm in a video! haha 
Other than that, this week was a good one! 
Tuesday, we had interviews with President which was cool. When we had my interview he was like, so we're going to do this a little backwards- What advice do you have for me? I was like uhhhh.... what? Ha ha ha so that was interesting but helpful at the same time.
We also got to see one of our golden investigators, Rosemonde! Remember her? She's the one that came to church by herself to find us because we didn't pass by her house. Well, she was at Papeete for a few weeks so we finally got to see her again Tuesday night.  She just started working and her job hours are terrible so she works Monday- Saturday from like 4 am- 7 pm. So we were a little scared that we wouldn't be able to see her anymore but she was like heck no, I need you guys! Ha ha we love her. 
We saw her Tuesday AND she wanted us to come Thursday so things are going really well with her. Her only obstacle is coming to church on Sunday. It's at 7:30 so it's hard for her to wake up and get her THREE little kids to church. Her boyfriend still hasn't accepted to see us BUT he did tell her that he wanted to stop smoking so that's a good sign! 
We had a great lesson because despite her situation, she continues to pray and read her Book of Mormon and Soeur Terooatea and I were practically in tears during that lesson because she understood the gospel so well that she was willing to do anything to keep the commandments and progress with her testimony. Incredible!
Wednesday  we saw our convert Teapuarii who has been struggling and is a little inactive because of her family situation, but she is progressing again! She told us she prayed, read, and she shared with us more of her feelings and questions so that helped us a lot. She was supposed to come on Sunday but I think that because her Mom worked, she wasn't able to. It's definitely hard to see a convert fall when you knew how strong they were before. The good news is that she's progressing and that things are getting better. 
Thursday was my YEAR mark!!! SO CRAZY huh? We had a busy day so it was fun.  We started off with Weekly Planning (Soeur Terooatea's favorite part of the week haha) and then we were in lessons the rest of the day. I decided to be a little creative because I know that Elders burn shirts or ties or something but since I'm not too in to those kinds of things, I decided to just take a bunch of pictures with my 1 YEAR letters with all of our amis that we saw. Our amis got a kick out of it so that was fun. 
How do I feel about being out a year? I feel like it was YESTERDAY when I was eating Mexican food with my cousins, Audrey and Brenn before they dropped me off at the MTC and now that it's almost AUGUST, I feel like it goes by way too fast! WAY too fast.
Friday I did a split in Tuauru with Soeur Utatao which was just way too fun. She's a crazy Australian but I just love her to death.
Saturday, we had our activity with our amis and recent converts where we made my famous Double Chocolate "Cookies American"! It was great! The majority of people that came were members but hey, it was our first cooking or crafty activity so Im excited to see if that improves for the activities in the future. Maybe we'll have more amis that come! 
Our cooking activity.
Other than that, transfer calls are this week and I'm a little anxious to see who will end up leaving the sector and everything. I think President will open up more sectors for the sisters so I'm interested to see which sectors and where that will be! 
I hope yall are doing well!!
More pictures from the Heiva 
Our ami Melanie made us these beautiful lais. We felt so special wearing them to church.
We went to Keanus' house after church for Maa Tahiti. (Traditional Tahitian food) I ate Fafaru which is raw fish in fermented sea water.  I almost threw up! Yippeeee.
These rubber band bracelets and jewelry are HUGE here in Tahiti.  Every kid makes them so needless to say, I'm starting to collect them too.
Love yall!! 
Soeur Taylor

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