Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bonjour Ma Famille! 
This week was great! We had a great weekend because Saturday was the big Heiva for our stake. The Heiva is a big traditional celebration where everyone competes in games, there are a lot of dances, and we all eat a TON of Maa Tahiti (Traditional Tahitian Food) The whole celebration is really Tahitian and cultural so I was loving it all. It was wayyyy fun and it lasted all day so we were pretty roasted at the end of the day. All the missionaries in our zone were there and we set up a little table at the entry and did a lot of contacting with all of the investigators that were there. I met a bunch of people and even met again a couple I contacted at the baptism of Heinono. We were laughing because I didn’t think I would ever see them again but what do you know... everything happens for a reason :) 
Heiva Celebration 
Today was the best because we had the baptism at Keanu! He's an adopted son of a family who was baptized in January. We started the lessons and he told us himself that he wanted to be baptized the 21st of July because it’s his birthday! We've had a lot of fun with Keanu and his attention span but he's really progressed and his service was one of the best services I've ever been to. Right when DMP started to give his talk on Baptism, he started crying because he felt the spirit so strong. He asked me to give the talk on the Gift of the Holy Ghost so when I got up there, I didn’t really feel like I needed to talk about the Holy Ghost because every person in the room knew really well what the Spirit feels like. At the end of his baptism, we all went outside to eat the refreshments and Keanu blew out his cake. He loved his baptism and we were really happy for him. He's definitely the happiest 9 year old in the world right now :) 
Keanu's baptism 
On Wednesday, we had our first leaders meeting with President Bize. It was super great and we talked a lot about the mission and established different rules and things we wanted to change or improve. I’m excited to serve with President Bize. 
The work is still a little slow because of vacations, but we've managed to still meet some new investigators and I still feel so lucky to be serving here. 
Tahiti really is the best mission in the world :) 
Love yall!! 
Soeur Taylor 

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