Monday, July 7, 2014

Ia Ora Na tout le monde!
I hope y'all are doing great. Life is still the same in Mahina and I’m doing great.
Soeur Terooatea is at her 10th week of her training so that means the transfer could come soon. AHHHHH I don’t want to be transferred. We're really just starting to get going here at Mahina!
So y'all remember Heinono? She called us this past week to confirm our lesson that day and she said hey, “I have good news for yall!” My heart stopped for a second and then she said, “I chose my date! I chose my baptismal date!”  I was like, “oh yeah? When?” (In my head I’m thinking please, please, please, don’t be for like December or really far) She said, “Saturday!! Next Saturday!!”
I’ve never been so happy on the phone. We had a little party after we hung up because FINALLY Heinono is getting baptized. We've been through a lot with her. I’m so happy. So we have her baptism this Saturday and I’m excited.
Other than that, we saw one of our amis, David, and committed him to be baptized at the end of the month. He's a cool guy but he's definitely interesting. He refers to himself as "The Ghostrider" and he refers to God as “our Great Father.” He was really touched when we explained why he needed to be baptized like Jesus Christ and he told us that he really wanted to be baptized. The only problem is that he lives with his girlfriend, he smokes, and he has a fear of coming to church because there are too many people. SO, it will be a miracle if he gets baptized at the end of the month but we are going to keep working with him and if he doesn’t get baptized this month, it will sometime soon :)
Wednesday, we had our multi-zone conference with our new mission president! I’m really excited for President Bize and for the difference it will be to serve under him. He bore a very powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon and it was definitely what I and my companion needed to hear. There are a lot of people with closed minds and hardened hearts and that was the answer that we needed to know that only the power of the Book of Mormon will convert them. It was a great conference.
Other than that, we continue to work with our amis and I’ve really come to love so many members and people here. It makes me want to never leave... That’s all I’ve got for today, until next week!
Love yall!!
Soeur Taylor
PS Sorry this week is a short email…next week will be better! :)
I didn't notice that the pictures were blurry. They looked good in the camera.
 Yesterday we went to a concert in front of the temple! It was great and the spirit was really strong.
We went with our ami Lysiane!

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