Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bonjour Ma Famille! 

We're doing super well here in Avera and I can't believe another week has passed by! That went by fast. This week was a pretty normal week full of lessons and good contacts. 

Recently we’ve been teaching a lot of kids ranging from 8-11 years old and I have been loving it! These kids crack me up. With every lesson we do with them, we always promise them a little surprise at the end if they listen well and if they respect the commitments we gave them. Of course, they always listen well and so we usually let them pick out a few stickers or a lollipop at the end. On Saturday, we had a lesson with a little girl named Tauhere. She LOVES the surprises so she is always so excited to tell us that she prayed every day and answers every question we ask. During her lesson, she had a friend hop in and listen too. We were happy because she is 9 years old and she actually was participating too. The funniest thing was that during the lesson, when her friend responded to a question, Tauhere got a little annoyed and told her to go away because it was her lesson and that it was not fair that she was going to get stickers too because she didn’t even pray this past week. What happened after that was that we told her friend that she could stay but then after they got in the cutest little cat fight saying that the other was not nice and little digs like that. The best part is that we were in the middle of talking about Jesus Christ and his life and how he was really nice and always helped others. We were laughing so hard because we were trying to be the peacemakers and at the end, we told them that they had to tell the other that she was a child of God and that she loved her. They were both hesitant but when we bribed them a little with the stickers and candy, they finally did it and it was so cute. 
After our lesson, I thought a little bit more about this experience and I thought, If we as adults could always do that every time we have a little dispute with someone, the world would be a better place. All we have to say is, "You are a child of God, and I love you!"  Just a thought. 

Other than that, we finally had a good Split this past week with the Primary and Sunday School auxiliaries which was super effective. Things are really going a lot better with the ward and I am hoping that will continue because we've been having a harder time lately getting members to lessons. 
We had a fun evening with our ward missionaries where we had a little training and made crepes at the end. It was way fun and our ward missionaries loved it so hopefully that motivates them to work with us. 

December is going to be a big month for us because we have 5 baptisms fixed for the moment and so much potential but we're a little nervous because there is a HUGE transfer next week and we find out this week if we'll be transferred. I'll be so sad if we do because my companion is incredible and we both want to be here in December, but we'll see. 

Hope y'all have a good week and a good Thanksgiving! We are going to celebrate it at our neighbor's house. We already found a good pumpkin and I’m excited to make pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread this week :)

I read a cool article the other day, thought y'all might enjoy it-

A little friend

Our sport activity when it was pouring rain. Ha, ha they didn't even care.

There was a transfer so Mamie was making flower leis and I made one too.  It's the lei that she is wearing.

Beautiful Raiatea

Love y'all! 

Soeur Taylor

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