Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bonjour tout le monde!! 

So in case y'all didn't know, December is a month of miracles! And it already started a week early! 

Miracle #1
Seriously, I was so nervous. A LOT of people were transferred but we were not affected. Thank goodness too. 

Miracle #2
I taught my very first missionary lesson in ENGLISH. 
So Wednesday, we had a young adult in our ward call us up to tell us that he has a reference for us! He gave us the day and the hour but he didn’t say anything at all for what her name was or where she was from or anything. We show up for the lesson and he tells us that it’s better to speak in English because she doesn't really understand French as well. Her name is Ane, she was born here, but grew up in New Zealand. She is here in Raiatea to visit her family and has a TON of questions. She's already met with the missionaries before and she really wants to know if the church is true and it was literally the COOLEST lesson ever! At first, it was weird to teach in English and I struggled a little bit (even Soeur Falesii) but I was actually proud of myself because hey! I can teach in English too! Unfortunately we didn’t have any English resources so we called up the office to send us a Book of Mormon and the brochures in English. I mean, WHAT ARE THE ODDS that she comes to Raiatea, she has all these questions to know if it’s true, and there are two English speaking missionaries in the area where she's living?? The work of the Lord is incredible. 

Miracle #3
Remember when I was talking about them and how Dewis has been trying for like a year now I think to stop smoking and it wasn't until last week that he finally succeeded. We did a fast together and after that- he stopped completely! We didn't even know until yesterday during our Sunday school class when we were talking about the Word of Wisdom and he announced that he doesn’t smoke anymore. We were ecstatic and so relieved because we wanted him to stop before this month anyways. This couple is literally incredible and I can’t wait for them to finally be baptized. They always ask us so many questions because they both want to start preparing to go to the temple right now. Their motivation and desire to learn is inspiring and heartwarming. Being a missionary is definitely very rewarding. 

There are so many more miracles in the works. One of which I hope will take place this weekend. I won't say much for now, but I'll tell y'all all about it next week for sure. 

Other than that, Happy Late Thanksgiving! We ate at our neighbor's house and it was soooo good! It’s been over a year since I've eaten turkey so I was happy :) I made a pumpkin pie too and it was a hit. We have so much pumpkin so I’ve been making lots of pumpkin bread and everything pumpkin. Ha ha.  

Saturday, we had a big stake missionary activity where we had these games and different competitions between the wards. It was SO fun and so successful but the only problem was that we were on a white sand field and I got ROASTED. Like seriously, the worst I've ever been burned. I can already hear my mom asking if I put on sunscreen and the answer is YES, several times but it all sweated off into my eyes sooooo yeah, that was a fail. The worst part is that my face was burned everywhere but my eyelids and like right under my neck.... 
Please enjoy the picture attached. Yep, it’s the worst. 

Stake missionary activity. 

Among the sectors where I've served, I have to say that here in Avera is where we have some of the hardest investigators. One of our investigators that I love is Roselyne who is "Sanito" (RLDS) She is great and is very accepting but it’s very challenging sometimes because she has a lot of the same beliefs and she believes in the Book of Mormon, but she hasn't realized yet that if she really reads the Book of Mormon and gains a testimony, she'll know that Christ's true church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We've had quite a few lessons and talked a lot about the priesthood and the prophet and the Book of Mormon and we finally had one of the greatest lessons this past week where we just taught so boldly, but with the spirit, and we invited her that if she really found out that it was all true, would she be baptized in Christ's true church? At first she told us no. She didn’t' want to leave her religion. But after she thought about it for a second, she said she wasn't sure. She searches honestly for the truth but she's confused because she's had a lot of good experiences in her church and she doesn't feel like she needs to leave it. All we could do was to strongly testify that the FULLNESS of the gospel was only in Christ's restored church and that the blessings she will receive will be greater than she's ever experienced. I don’t know if I've ever felt the Spirit so strong when he added his testimony with ours, but I can’t help but feel sad when she said no because even after everything that we can do, everybody still has their choice. We will always be able to choose. I pray that she receives this confirmation of the truth and has the courage to act upon it but as a missionary, I can only be content with the fact that we are doing our best and all we have to do is leave her the choice. 

Thanks all for y'alls prayers. I really am blessed to have y'all. 

Have a great week this week.

Off to the right in the distance is the island of Tahaa.  Bora Bora is way off in the distance to the left.

Oh yes- LOL at that photo of Soeur Falesii with one of our favorite babies here. That was not intentional when she made that face but we were literally laughing so hard.


Soeur Taylor 

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