Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bonjour Ma Famille! 

We are doing SO great here in Avera. 


I seriously am so grateful to be here because we see so many miracles in the lives of our investigators and the people we meet. Suzanne and Boniface are progressing SOOOO well. Last week, when we taught the Word of Wisdom, Suzanne said she didn’t know that coffee was on the list of things that aren't good for our body to consume. She drinks it every day to help her at work, but when we committed her to live the Word of Wisdom ( she said yes right away. We did a follow-up this past weekend and she said that she drank her Milo (hot chocolate) every day and when they ran out of Milo, she drank sweetened water. I was just like wow- that's what you call someone who understands the importance of the commandments. Suzanne hasn’t officially announced to us that she is going to be baptized the 15th with her husband, but when we committed her this past weekend, she said that she really wants to. It’s just hard with her family and the church (remember she's a leader in the RLDS church). She was going to have a meeting with them but when we did our lesson on Saturday, she said she didn’t go and decided that it didn’t matter what they said, she was going to keep going forward because she felt that it was right. I don’t think I've ever met someone with greater faith. She's more of an example for us than we are for her, that's for sure. 

Other than that, we had our Couples Night this past week and it went soooo well! We had three different workshops and then we had activities after. Everyone loved it and even though we had more members there than investigators, it really motivated the members to invite their friends for the next activity. So that was a plus. 
Part of the evening was our little photo booth- lol, "For thy Maker is thine husband...." (Isaiah 54:5) 

Saturday, we had the STLS come and do splits with us which was WAY fun and I learned so much. 

We worked hard and found so many new potential investigators and we fixed Hereiti's baptism for the 15th as well! Do y'all remember Hereiti? She's our age and she hasn’t really been progressing until this past week. Actually, she was progressing when we fixed her baptism for December but after some trials, she was no longer progressing and now, its sure. She stopped smoking and is really motivated to be baptized because she got her answer that the church was true. So we are working with her and I hope that she will continue to progress until her baptism. 

Other than that, I’m doing great! Everyone keeps reminding me that I have so little time left so that's weird because it still feels like I have forever here!  
The Moutham family with their ADORABLE little girl,

Suzanne and Boniface's house! Cool huh? It’s on the water! It’s so windy and we LOVE doing lessons there :) 
Ariihei and Terehau! These kids are my favorite.  

Hope y'all are doing well! Love y'all! 

Soeur Taylor 

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