Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hello My Family and Friends, 

So I’m kind of freaking out because today is my LAST pday. 

I never thought the end would come! 

Since there are 3 of us in our zone who are finishing, we did another Motu activity and so that was fun. We went and played volleyball, and Soeur Falesii went fishing a little bit! We found a good spot where there was a fallen tree trunk so we sat down and fished right there on the beach but we (by we I mean I ha ha) only caught 2 little fish before we tried to find another spot where there were bigger fish right on the shore and we failed. Ha ha, guess I’ll have to try again after the mission when we can go out in the water. 

Zone Activity at the Motu!

Our zone! 

This past week was AWESOME and super busy. We taught almost 40 lessons this past week which brings back flash backs to when I left Papara almost a year ago. The work was really hopping in Papara (and still is!!) We have a lot of new investigators and SO much potential which is kind of a bummer that I'll only be here for another week!! Remember our miracle family, Suzanne and Boniface? Well the adversary REALLY got them this past weekend but Boniface is determined to be baptized this coming Sunday morning and Suzanne said she would tell us in the week if she was going to be baptized as well. We're still on edge because I really hope that she decides to be baptized with her husband but overall I know that she will be baptized, even if it’s not this coming Sunday. She has a WHOLE lot of opposition coming from the RLDS church because she’s a leader and they didn’t accept her decision to be baptized. We encouraged them to keep going and that the opposition is only normal because they are on the point of making the greatest decision for their family. We have shared with them Matthew 16:19 ( and D&C 22 ( to help her understand that nothing holds her back from being baptized because when she will be baptized with priesthood authority, it will be sealed not only on the earth but also in heaven. Fingers crossed and lots of prayers that her answer will be yes for this Sunday. 

Another miracle we saw was with a part member family that we ate with on Wednesday. We ate a traditional Tahitian meal and we were talking with this family where two of the kids (and their spouses) are members but their parents are not (they’re Adventist) and it went so well! We shared a message before leaving and when the Dad was sharing his thoughts he said, "I want to thank y'all for always coming to teach my kids and for everything that y'all do and after all these years I don’t know why, but no one has ever come to teach me!" It’s been like 7 years since his kids have joined the church so we kind of laughed and told him that it was not a problem, we would come to teach him. One of the coolest miracles on my mission because he is very active in his church. 

Well it looks like this will be my last email. I want to thank all y'all for all of the support and for all of the prayers that were offered for me. I really did the see the tender mercies of the Lord and SO many miracles, I can never even type them all out on Pday. I learned a WHOLE lot about myself but the most important thing I learned is that God lives and that because he loves us, He sent His son to die for us. This restored gospel that we have is literally the path to receiving eternal life. I can't even say how grateful I am for the opportunity that I have had to share it here in French Polynesia. Good thing my mission isn’t quite finished yet, but that's just what I wanted to share in my last email home. 

I love y'all and I will see y'all really soon. 

CRABS at the Tiatia's house. They still freak me out.  

My favorite little boys- Ariihei, Terehau, and Moeava (the kids at Suzanne and Boniface) They make me laugh. 

YUMMMM Ma'a Tahiti (Tahitian food) hahahaha I promise that it actually tastes soooo good.  

Lots of Love, 

Soeur Rachel Taylor 

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