Monday, January 13, 2014


Oookayyyy so I have no time today, so this will be a short one.

 So in May there is this HUGE celebration in Tahiti to mark 170 years since the first arrival of missionaries at Tubai. So of course the missionaries are a big part of it and so every Monday for the next like 3 months, we practice singing hymns and stuff in Papeete. All of the missionaries in Tahiti participate so it's super fun to see mostly everyone every week but it's also a big deal and means we aren't going to have another normal pday for the next like 3 months. Yay!

But we also have an apostle coming to Tahiti next month too for another mission conference so YEAH- exciting stuff in the islands coming up!

 So remember Torea? Our miracle? HE'S GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!! So, so exciting! He's got all the desire and will do everything he needs to do to be ready for baptism. So yeah, we're pretty excited about that.

 We had a marriage and baptism this past Saturday with Vincent and Nancy. Nancy is a member and Vincent was our ami. Nancy is the daughter of the bishop, so needless to say, Vincent has been such a solid ami. I didn't start teaching him but I got to teach him a little so that was fun.

Vincent and Nancy! So happy for them.

Other than that, we teach a couple of teenage girls who are family (cousins and sisters) and all live in the same house. They live with their aunt Raf (who is also an ami but not yet married) and other family members and they are all looking at a January 25th baptism date. We teach 4 of them so if they're all ready for baptism by the 25th, that will be one SUPER happy day :)

Members of the Faraire family. They are all somehow related. We teach Tamira, Cynthia, Kahaia, Poerava, Raf and Heimata.

Soeur Green had a bunch of CTB (choisir le bien) rings which are CTR rings (choose the right) in English. They loved them!
The work is going really well and we are always kept super, super busy so yeah, were pretty happy missionaries!

I got a big stack of letters last week and I LOVED it! Thank you mom for writing about the trip, I loved, loved, loved to hear about how typical of a Taylor trip it was. I also got letters from both of my grandmas and the Beaird family! Thank y'all so much for writing! I LOVE to hear about everything happening in yall's lives!!

Heimata's cute little son who loved the stickers I got in my packages and from a cute little postcard from Soeur Jones. All the kids love to put the stickers on their foreheads, ha ha.

Chosir le bien! in French. Mine is Maiti I te Maitiai in Tahitian.

Cute girls that we teach.

Just can't get enough of the sunsets here.

So pretty!
Beaucoup d'amour,

Soeur Taylor


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