Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ia Ora Na Utuafare! 

 Life is good here in Papara! It’s pretty weird to think I’ve been here for almost 4 months! I feel like time has just FLOWN.

 The work is going pretty well and we are still really blessed to have SO much work in Papara. With the New Year, we've really gotten better about having our Reunion de Coordination (Meeting with the Ward Mission leader, Ward Missionaries, Bishop, and Auxiliary leaders) every week and having our Ward Council every two weeks. It’s so nice having ward support with missionary work and we have really seen the difference it has made working with members and the bishop for missionary work.

So remember our cute investigator Kahaia? The 12 year old girl who just wants to follow the example of Jesus Christ and get baptized (normally for this past Saturday)? Well her mom said NO. I don’t think I’ve ever been so heartbroken in my life! She told us she would give us the response at our Family Home Evening on Tuesday and when she pulled me aside and told me no, my heart literally sank so much. It was one of those moments where I was just praying to know what to say to change her mind, but in reality her mind was already set. She told me that she was already baptized Protestant and that she didn’t need to be baptized again. The funny thing is that her mom has taken the lessons for like years (but not at the moment) and I know it’s been explained so many times why it’s important that we get baptized by immersion, with the proper authority, like Jesus Christ. But bref- we are going to keep the faith and hope that her heart will be softened. 

So we did a lot more contacting this past week (OLB- Ouvre la bouche- Open the Mouth) which was both super fun and super interesting at the same time. It’s always blows my mind and makes me so happy when people just see us and are like "Venez, venez!" (Come, come!) like they were sitting there waiting for us! I love it. 

It’s fun too when we run into angry Jehovah’s Witnesses or Catholics. We talked with this angry Catholic who’s sister got baptized recently and she was just so mad and couldn’t believe that her sister would betray her family and get baptized Mormon. We shared a nice message about free agency and shared the message of the restoration and she surprisingly listened and accepted it! She was still angry when we left, but hopefully we'll get to see her again so we can continue with the lessons. Over all, it’s such a testimony builder to me every time we go out and do contacting of how desperately people need the gospel. It’s a nice boost for me to realize my purpose here and how important it is that I keep going and keep working hard. There are just so many people who need the gospel and need the blessings of peace and happiness that the gospel brings. It always is a blessing for me to realize how lucky I am to have grown up in the gospel too. 

 Other than that, we had interviews again with President this past week which is always fun. He always asks in the interviews if we have any questions and I’m like yes. "Qu'est-ce que tu peux me dire a propos de la futur?" (What can you tell me about the future?) It’s my favorite question. He couldn’t tell me much, but he did tell me that I would be leaving Papara at the end of Soeur Kavera's training and that I would probably be training again. So who knows what that means, but I guess we'll find out mid-march! 

Soeur Green has only got two weeks left and I am still in denial that she’s leaving. It has been so nice being her companion because I learn so much and she is just so much fun to be around. We've had some pretty good times together. Hopefully Soeur Kavera and I can figure things out without her. 

Well I think that’s about it! Life is good and I just love living on this island!

Hope yall are well!! 

Ua here rahi roa vau ia outou! 

Tuahine Taylor 

I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures this week! I’m terrible, I know. Next week! 

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