Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year, Bonne Année, e Ia Oaoa i Teie Matahiti Api!

Man life is pretty good here! It's been a little bit different with new companions, but I am still learning so much and I actually am loving this transfer. Soeur Green is so great and Soeur Kavera is hilarious, so we have fun. 

So guess how we celebrated the new year? By eating Maa Tahiti ( really traditional food) at 9:00 in the morning! It was kind of awful haha, but definitely an experience! I tried Fafaru (raw fish in fermented sea water) for the first time annnddddd it was not that good. Haha the after taste was actually just the worst. But hey, now I can say I tried it! 

With new companions, I'm really excited to see what more we can accomplish. With the new year, our zone has a goal to have 5 baptisms every month for January, February, and March. Seeing as we only have 2 baptisms fixed, at first it was a little overwhelming, BUT we have got the faith and we are already seeing miracles happening and we are finding people who are already ready to accept the gospel. That and we are actually seeing progression with some of our amis who either have blocks for baptism or who just weren't progressing. I LOVE IT.

Yesterday, we talked with a guy whose name is Torea. He has a lot of family in the church, some inactive, but he heard of the church through his ex-girlfriend who he lived with in Pirae. When they broke up, he moved back to Papara and since then has still been interested in the church. He told us he's seen us a few times pass but he didn't want to stop us. We were like WHAT. Haha, but luckily we met him at church and taught him the first lesson later in the day. He has the desire to be baptized and this week we are going to fix a baptism date with him! YAY! It was definitely a miracle to find him, and I am so excited to keep working and keep finding all of these little miracles. 

Training Soeur Kavera has been fun because she has definitely got the greenie fire and I love it! She wants to be the best missionary and she wants to know everything so that she can the best she can be. She's also pretty hilarious too and so it's been fun with both Soeur Green and Soeur Kavera. It's a little different not living in a house of just Americans, but it's not bad at all and we have a lot of fun together. 

I feel really good about my progression with the languages, especially with Tahitian. I love learning it and I love it when we get the opportunity to speak it and teach. I made my new year goals for this year and one of them was to finish reading my Te Buka a Mormona by my 1 year mark. It's pretty time consuming because my vocabulary is very limited in Tahitian and so half the time I'm looking through my ever so used Tahitian dictionary, but it's been great for my comprehension and vocabulary.

Other than that, life is good! We've got a LOT of work in Papara and I know we are very blessed! We've got quite a few amis and are continually trying to find new ones each week. 

MAA TAHITI! Looks yummy huh?

I wish I could explain all that is in it.

Part of our zone.  The Elders came to interview our ami, Vincent. Bye bye Elder Cannon.

Sunsets... they are the best here!

Soeur Teina. She is the mother of the cute girls I took pictures of at the Temple.

Family picture again! Mami, Maman, et fille.

I hope yall are doing great! Love yall! 

 Soeur Taylor 

p.s. Soeur Taylor went back to America last Monday and is continually getting better! She can speak, write, and is still herself. I know she still has swelling and has more recovery but from what I've heard, she's doing well! 


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