Monday, March 31, 2014

Bonjour Ma Famille!
I am doing well in Mahina! It’s been so weird being transferred, but I’m slowly getting used to it and I am excited for all the work that needs to be done in Mahina. It’s been pretty unstable in Mahina because there have been so many different missionaries that were only here for a few weeks and so I am now the 3rd official (I say official because she was with a few others as well) trainer for my new companion- Soeur Faana! The poor girl has had so many changes during her training, but we're both hoping that we stay together until the end of her training. I love my companion. She's so great! She keeps me laughing so I’m happy. :)
It’s always a little different with a new companion so we've been trying to figure out how to teach together and how to figure out our amis because she's only been in Mahina for 6 weeks. With so many changes, the amis work is a little slower for the moment, but I know that that will really pick up. We're both excited to get to work and really improve this sector.
So Mahina is a lot different because it’s basically ALL in the mountains. I am in another car sector ( I’m wondering if I'll ever use my bike.... sorry parents ) but I’m actually really grateful to have a car. Why? Because these neighborhoods like spiral up the mountain and I have been getting used to driving (manual) up them. It’s DEFINITELY an adventure. Dad, you will be so impressed with my driving skills (I hope) by the time I finish my mission. Mom, since we're always up in the mountains, it’s been interesting getting used to changing altitudes so much- especially with my ears. It wasn’t too bad this past week- but I hope that that improves more and more as I get more used to it.
So because all of these neighborhoods in the mountains, there are a lot more wealthier houses and people in our sector. Which means a lot more Frenchy and International people! Contacting is a little interesting because most people turn us down right away and all of the French people still scare me- but it’s good for me! I always think of you, Soeur Jones, when we come across French people who want nothing to do with the missionaries and that always reconfirms that you are supposed to serve in France and I am supposed to serve here. We met a potential new ami, Patrick, who is French. We found him by contacting and he said we could come back this weekend. So we came back and we had just a little lesson with him where we explained our purpose and who we are. It was a lot harder to understand his French accent and then I caught myself having to speak proper French (we speak informal French in Tahiti with everyone) so that was interesting. Also, my companion told me that he thought we were there for him to sign a contract and join a cult- I didn’t catch that- and she said I was just like yes! Ha ha ha whoops. We'll have to explain that better the next time.
With all the changes and everything this past week, I still am really grateful for where I am and who I am. I feel like I've changed a lot during my mission and I've really realized everything that is important in my life. I look at the lives of so many people here who are not happy because they made so many poor choices and I always just feel so grateful for all of the good choices that I made! I realize that I never really understood why a lot of the times when I was obedient to a commandment, but because of my parents and all of the great examples around me- I did it anyway. I know that I have been guided, protected, and blessed in my life for a reason and I know that that is because I need to help others. I have to be the person to help guide and protect these people who don’t have anybody. I know that we all have a purpose and we all have a plan in our life. All we have to do is figure it out! How? Well by asking of course. Matthew 7:7 and James 1:5. It always works!
I hope y'all are doing well. I love and pray for each one of y'all!
Lots of love,
Soeur Taylor
Our zone in Paea (Papara) before my transfer
Soeur Titaina and her cute little girls.  I miss them so much!
Cute little Hitinui with his hat and guitar.
The Soiree Kaina in Paea before I left.  All of the Relief Society in each ward performed a dance or a song.
It was all traditional.  I loved it!
Missionary splits in Papara. We had so many youth who wanted to come with us.  This was my last day in Papara.
Soeur Mathilde and Stacy!  She's like my second Mom here.
Soeur Heilani!  I love her.  She is hilarious.
Family Mendelsohn!  Man I am going to miss them.
Contacting! Mostly just the dogs greet us when we come to the gate.  Most are nice like this one but some are scary!
Contacting (tracting) in the valley.  SO PRETTY!
We had to cross this sketchy bridge to get across the river.
It was fun but super scary at the same time
The valley with the sketchy bridge.
Normally cars can cross this river.  Soeur Faana calls it "Mountain Splash" but I was saying, "yeah, I'd rather cross the sketchy bridge."
One of our Amis has a little pot with fish that like to nibble at our hands.  It's fun!
Scenery shot.  I haven't taken a lot of scenery shots because well, I have to drive.  So, Soeur Faana takes them for me.  We need to take some more pictures.

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