Friday, March 28, 2014

Hello Family!

Well it turns out that I’m getting transferred...

I’m going to Mahina!!
It’s on the other side of the island and it is a lot more mountainous than Papara so I’m excited for a change!
It’s really, really hard leaving Papara- I’m leaving behind so many great amis and members in Papara but I know that it'll be good for me. This last week has been so crazy stressful though because we've been trying to see everybody and then make sure that everything is ready and organized for Soeur Kavera's new companion. She's training and so is Soeur Tamahahe so that is exciting for them too. Soeur Fisher is heading off to Moorea so she's pretty excited about that too.
It's hard to leave Papara because we have so many amis who are getting baptized in April, but I know that Soeur Kavera will take good care of them :)

I don’t have a ton of time, we have to run and quickly pack all of our stuff to bring to the mission office, but I will send more pictures and details next week! I hate to let yall down this week- but life is crazy today haha.

I love yall and I hope yall have a great week!!

Soeur Taylor

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