Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hello family! 

Life is still pretty normal here in Papara!  

The transfers are in 2 weeks and I'm pretty positive I’ll be the one leaving. But we never know because Soeur Carter was here for like 8 months ha. 

Our Amis are doing good, but we've definitely had a dip in progressing investigators and are on the hunt for new investigators. We've done quite a bit of tracting the past couple of weeks and we’ve met so many great people, but when we follow up, nobody's interested or they're "too busy". I guess that's just missionary work, eh? We have found 1 or 2 Amis though from tracting so that's worth something! 

One of my favorite Amis right now is Monihia. She's 17 and both of her parents are members (converts). She's taken the lessons for a LONG time and she wants to be baptized and sealed with her family, but she has this wall and she can't figure out why it's there or how to get over it. She shared this in our Sunday school class last week and ever since she shared that, I could not stop thinking about Monihia and how we Have to help her get over this wall she has up. We've talked a lot about baptism with her and engaged her a couple of times but every time we engage her- she says she not ready. Were just like- yes! yes, you are ready! 

So when she shared this in our class we thought- she just needs to act. That is the only way she'll get over this wall. She needs to make a decision and she needs to act. It's like when we want to go swimming, but the water is really cold. Are we ever completely ready to jump in? Not really, because we know it will be really cold! So we wait a little bit, we dip our toe in, we walk around the pool but we're never actually going to get in until we first make the decision to jump and then actually jump in. It's a little scary at first and uncomfortable right when we jump in but after a few seconds in the water- we realize that it's really not that cold and we can now enjoy swimming.

Well anyways, I got the prompting when she said that to engage her for baptism that Saturday. At first I was like no- that's too soon and crazy but the prompting wouldn't go away and I thought about it every day until we went for our lesson with her on Wednesday. We fasted and prayed and had SUCH a good lesson about baptism and about this wall she talked about. We engaged her for that coming Saturday annnnddd she said no. Ha ha, she said she knew her baptism was close, but she never thought for March. I told her the option was always there for Saturday and I really prayed and hoped that she would make a decision to show up on Saturday to be baptized buttttt she didn't. Even though it wasn't for Saturday, I know that it's close too. We just have to keep working with her and help her make a decision and act. I just really hope it's before I get transferred! And even if it's not, I know that that will be SUCH a happy day when she does get baptized. 

We also were supposed to have the baptism of Anita this Saturday, but her Dad still hasn't given the authorization. So that was a little disappointing, but I know that that will be soon as well. I know that she just needs a little time to be courageous and talk to her Dad and tell him really why she wants to be baptized. She already wants to serve a mission and I know she'll do great things when she becomes a member. 

With all of our Amis and the people we meet, I still love, love, love seeing the changes in people and to watch how this gospel changes them. Family Tauhiro still continues to make me so happy to see the changes in this family and to feel the difference in their home when we come and have our lessons. Families like them make all the tracting, all the disappointment, all the worrying, all the sweating, and all the work WORTH IT. 

I know also that changes sometimes don't come as fast for some people as others. Sometimes we just have to be patient! 

Merci pour les lettres et pour votre soutien! Je vous aime! 

Soeur Taylor 

PS I can't send photos this week sorry - next week! 


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