Monday, September 30, 2013


To'u Utuafare!! 

This past week was incredible. I'm loving the MTC and I can't believe that I only have 1 week left!! Today is a busy day since it's my last P-day so I'll try and type fast :)

So first of all- WE GOT TRAVEL PLANS :)
We got them on Thursday and it was the most exciting thing of my life. We heard that we got travel plans from the other district, but our district leader, Elder Twede, wasn't back from getting mail yet. Sœur Aniel and I were freaking out so we left the classroom and briskly walked (just kidding we ran) to go intercept Elder Twede and Molinari coming back from getting mail. We saw them in the main courtyard and as soon as they saw us, they bolted. So of course we ran after them. Then, we crossed paths with Elder Jessop and Elder Gilson who were running to the classroom to find them. Confused yet? lol Basically, we all ended up chasing down Elder Twede and Molinari because we wanted to see if everyone got their visas and travel plans. We ended up losing them, but we eventually all made it back to the classroom. It was so exciting. 
Sœur Aniel is our travel leader and we report to the travel office next Monday at 7:30 am (YAY for a later reporting time than 2:30 am or 4:30 am) Our flight leaves from Salt Lake to LA at 11:30 am and we land in LA at 12:34. Our flight leaves for Tahiti at 4:30 so family, I'll be calling during our layover! 
We also got an email from the mission home today which was super exciting. We land in Tahiti at about 10:00 pm their time so we'll be in temporary housing by the temple and then have breakfast with President & Sœur Sinjoux in the morning. I'm so excited.
I clearly won't get a P-day next week but from what I've seen with other missionaries, I might be able to send a quick email saying that I made it safely and what not. It still hasn't hit me yet, but I'm so stoked to find out where my first area will be!!! 

On other news, the Relief Society Broadcast was INCREDIBLE. I hope y'all got to watch it. It was SUCH an incredible experience and I am so grateful that I got to be a part of it!! The whole experience started out with our bus breaking down on the way to Salt Lake. The Fan belt broke and so we literally were camped on the side of the road for a good hour. It was great fun. Haha but no really, we were all in pretty good spirits and the whole attitude of the bus was just incredible. I love being surrounded by so many good people!! What we didn't know until later too was that when the fan belt broke, the engine stopped working and our bus driver was helpless 4 lanes over. She couldn't accelerate but had to navigate our huge bus across 4 lanes on a busy highway. We were unaware because our bus driver was incredible and extremely calm the whole time. Nonetheless, it was a miracle we made it to the side of the road safely. We definitely had angels watching over us :) 
When we got there (I'm so mad I didn't get any pictures. I assumed cameras weren't allowed) it was like the most incredible feeling sitting up in the choir seats. I was FEET away from the Prophet, 1st presidency, and a few apostles. I LOVED it. Singing was so much fun and I really felt like those same angels that watched over us were singing right along with us. Someone told us on our temple walk yesterday that that broadcast was the first time there has ever been a sister missionary choir. AWWHHH YEAAAAHHH. It was great :) At the end of the broadcast too, each of the Relief Society Presidency members gave us a hug as we walked out. It was awesome :) 

To leave y'all, I want to share a little thought about the power of the scriptures and scripture chains. I was studying the other day and ended up with a nice good scripture chain that was incredibly helpful for me. I thought I would share and challenge  y'all to try as well. It's amazing where each scripture will lead you and where you will end up. I don't have time to explain each one, but what I got out of each scripture will be different that what you get out of each one so it works out :) 
1. Joshua 1:9
2. D&C 68:6
3. Genesis 26:24
4. Isaiah 41:10
5. Daniel 10:12
6. Mosiah 27:14
7. Alma 29:8-10
8. D&C 11:22
The Lord is always with us, especially when we make the right choices and strive for his spirit to be with us. That's something I've really learned over the past few weeks. 

Well I think that's about it! Conference is this weekend and I'm SOO stoked. Ending my MTC stay with a bang :) 

So I totally wrote out a bunch of tips for missionaries coming into the MTC in the future (Lindsay K Lauckkk!!! :) ) but I forgot my sticky note with all of them written down. I'll try my best to remember- 
1. Come in with a good attitude. The MTC can feel like a long time, but if you have a good attitude, you will have some of the most incredible experiences and you will love it! This place is amazing and I will be a little sad to leave it (Even after 11 weeks). 
2. Bring a little flashlight and alarm clock. 
3. If you're going to a bike mission, don't spend a lot of money on bags! Just get a bike bag that goes onto your bike. I didn't realize this, and I wish I would've.
4. Bring a jacket if you're not going somewhere cold like me! Provo has been getting way too chilly for me! Especially since all I have is a rain coat that provides minimal warmth. 
5. All missionaries get a 40% discount in the bookstore. So if you need new scriptures or any kind of materials, just wait and buy them here! I got a little set of scriptures for like $35. English Mini PMG are the best too. Especially when you have a lot of language and scripture books. 
6. SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE as MUCH as possible. Force yourself to pray in your language and use it as much as possible. At first, it's really difficult (believe me, I know) but it will only get faster and easier and will help you out SO much. Practice bearing your testimony to other missionaries too. From what I hear, that's all you'll really be able to do when you first get out in the field.
7. Print emails off in 18M Room 323 (That won't make sense to you until you get here) We always go in the morning and print off emails before we email later in the day.  
8. Recognize that you're on sacred ground and strive to feel the spirit with you always. You'll love it :)
I probably forgot something, but that will have to do for now :) 

I love y'all and am so grateful for all of the love and prayers :) 

Write y'all in 2 weeks! FROM TAHITI :) ( Or somewhere in French Polynesia, we shall see!) 

Beaucoup d'amour, 

Tuahine Taylor

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