Monday, September 30, 2013

Just 2 more weeks left :)

To'u Utuafare!!

So I'll start off with some exciting news- GUESS WHAT.
A super awesome Sister Missionary choir gets to sing at the Relief Society General Broadcast on Saturday! AND I'M A PART OF IT!! LOOK FOR MY FACE. :)
I'm so excited because it's in the conference center!! This really will be a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'M SO EXCITED. Hopefully I make it on the screen and y'all can see my lovely singing face :)

So this past week has been so great. I have seen so many tender mercies of the Lord- One of them being the advance in my language learning. The Lord has really blessed me this past week because I am finally wrapping my brain around Tahitian. It really is so simple and I'm laughing at how dramatic I was at the start of Tahitian. It was hard, don't get me wrong, and still is but I think that what was the most challenging part was just how new it was. The structure, vocab, and grammar are SO different from French so I just had to get used to that aspect. To rate my confidence level in both languages for y'all (on a 1 to 10 scale, 1 = having zero confidence and 1 = completely fluent) I would say that my French is at like a 6.5 or 7 and my Tahitian is at like a 3 or 3.5. You might think those are low, but considering I was like at a .5 last week, I'm pretty happy with the improvement :) I find French to be easier because I can express myself so much better in French! There is so much more vocab! Context is everything in Tahitian which is difficult for me to get used to because so many words have like 10 different meanings. You can't say ummm or uhhh in between words and sentences either because added on to the words, they could make the word mean something totally different. LOL. Another thing is that you can't guess on words you don't know 100%. Some words only have a letter or two difference and so if you get it wrong, you could totally be saying something different than you wanted to. (Hopefully that all made sense because my English has been struggling lately too haha) 
Overall, it is quite an adventure learning these languages and I'm just so ecstatic to finally get to Tahiti. Time has flown, but I've been feeling ready to go. At first it made me really nervous because I am terrified to get there and not be able to communicate, but the Lord has comforted me a lot and I know that I will be just fine :) Besides, I have 2 more weeks to learn so much more! The MTC is great. Plus, I'll learn so much more when I'm actually there. Just two more weeks!! AHHHHH. 2 weeks from now I could (and hopefully will) be on a plane to Tahiti!! I'm so stoked.
Besides all the language learning, I can't think of anything else exciting or out of the ordinary that happened, but I have had some good times with my MTC family. I sure am going to miss seeing my sœurs and frères everyday. When you spend so much time together, you can't help but feel like one big family (Yesterday was day 60 at the MTC by the way- CRAZY). The good thing is that we still have 2 more weeks! And this saturday!! I'm SO excitied to go to Salt Lake with my Sœurs :) 
But speaking of family, we had to say goodbye to one of our Elders, Elder Ganne-Soulary, this morning. He is in the other district, but we've become pretty good friends. He's from the Paris France area and is just about the cutest little French elder you'll ever meet. He's also one of the most positive and happiest people I've ever met. He was 1 of 3 French elders going to Tahiti so he was great for asking questions. He was trying to be fluent in English and we were all trying to fluent (or just better) in French, so they are so helpful for pronunciation. But anyways, he was called to Tahiti and has been learning with us, but due to health problems, he got reassigned to the France Lyon mission. It was hard to see one of our Elders leave without us, but we know that he will be so incredible in Lyon. Sœur Jones- look out for an Elder Ganne-Soulary! He's just an inch taller than I am and is hilarious. I told him to look out for you and showed him a picture of you so I really hope y'all cross paths :) 

Other than that I am doing really well and am really enjoying my last couple of weeks at the MTC. Thanks for all of your letters and packages :)

Love y'all!! 

Beaucoup d'amour, 

Sœur Taylor

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