Monday, September 30, 2013

I can't remember which week it is... but only 3 weeks left!

Bonjour Ma Famille!!
First of all- Joyeux Anniversaire/Mahana oaoa no Ashley on Wednesday!!! I love youuu!!
This past week has been crazy, but one of the best weeks here. I am just so grateful that I get to be here and constantly be surrounded by so many people that have impacted my life so much. I really do get the privilege to know so many great sisters and be blessed by their sweet spirits. I have had so many experiences here that have really changed my life and my outlook and purpose in life. It's the best!
On Wednesday, Sœur Aniel and I got the privilege to be a part of the "Wednesday Night Experience" with all the new missionaries coming in. On the first night, all the missionaries divide up into different rooms and they get the opportunity to group teach an investigator. It's their first exposure to what it's like to teach somebody, so it can really be a neat experience. So anyways- Sœur Aniel and I got to be 1 of 6 companionships to start off the lesson and demonstrate how to begin teaching. We knock at the door, talk to the investigator for a little bit and get the discussion going. It was such a cool experience even though it was really nerve wracking being watched by 50-75 new missionaries. We got to know them a little bit but usually right when they asked a good question, the moderator would cut in and the new missionaries now could answer and teach the investigator. It was so cool but sad at the same time because we wanted to answer their questions so bad! The best part too was that we got to do it in English! Awwwhh yeahhhh. But it was weird at the same time. It was nice too to remember back to when we were in their shoes and to realize how far we've come and how much we've progressed. I don't know if we'll have the chance to do it again, but I sure hope we do!!!
On Thursday, we found out that we were getting moved to a new classroom building. The rest of our zone was in another classroom building and our Branch president wanted us to move so that we were more unified as a zone. It wasn't too bad of a move except for the fact that we lost our nice and big desks :( So now, we are crammed next to each other in these chairs with flip up tablets and LOTS of books that we have to put under our desks. I attached pictures of the new room. One of our goals this week is to get some boxes or at least something to put all of our books in so that it doesn't look like a tornado came through the classroom everyday. At least we only have 3 weeks left so that's nice!! 
On Saturday, we taught our second lesson to Jean-Claude in Tahitian- AKA the hardest thing ever. I'm slowly starting to understand Tahitian but it's still very difficult! I feel like I'm really close to being able to say everything I want to say in French, but it's back to the kindergarten level sentences in Tahitian. It's just a lot of memorizing and hard work. Elder Andrews & Elder Oehler- I don't know HOW y'all learned Korean! Learning a language that's not latin-based is very difficult and really takes a lot of patience, diligence, and practice practice practice. Sœur Kimball and I have been trying to PVL (Parler Votre Langue/Speak Your Language) more often so we're fasting from English the rest of this week until Friday. On Friday, we'll take a small break and then start it over again. I'm just nervous I'll get to Tahiti and not be able to communicate at all. But we'll see, I still have 3 more weeks left here!!
On Sunday, I ran into Elder Wood in the cafeteria!! It was way fun seeing a new face. Everyone has left me already! (ps (don't post)- Mom tell Kim that Spencer's P-day is going to be either Wednesday or Friday. All missionaries I've met going to Brazil have either Wednesday or Friday p-day. But most have Friday p-days.) 
I also was called on to give a talk in sacrament meeting. Every sunday, they call on a Sister and an Elder to give a 2-3 minute talk in French. All sisters besides the Tahitians have left already soooo the chances were pretty big for me to get called on. It was on Le Livre de Mormon (The Book of Mormon) so luckily, I actually prepared a talk and shared a few scriptures. It was still way nerve wracking though. I was like shaking the whole time. lol I can't even imagine how it'll go when I get called up in Tahiti. I guess we'll just have to see! Ha oh dear...

And that's about it! It's hard to find stuff to report since every week feels like a day. I seriously feel like it was yesterday that I was typing my weekly email to y'all. I'll be in Tahiti before I know it! 

Beaucoup et beaucoup d'amour!!!

Sœur Taylor
(Tuahine Taylor/Sister Taylor)

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